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Cybercriminals break into production systems of Stack Overflow

  • Stack Overflow mentioned that the attackers gained access to production systems on May 11.
  • However, it says that no customer or user data was breached due to the incident.

Stack Overflow, a popular online forum for programmers and computer professionals, was breached by attackers. Production systems belonging to Stack Overflow were the prime target in this incident.

Mary Ferguson, Vice President of Engineering, informed that these systems were accessed last week. “Over the weekend, there was an attack on Stack Overflow. We have confirmed that some level of production access was gained on May 11,” she said in an update.

Stack Overflow started in 2008 and is one of the most preferred sites used by programmers of all levels. It currently has a user base of around 10 million users.

User data said to be unaffected

Ferguson also suggested that the attacker intrusion did not compromise any user data. “We discovered and investigated the extent of the access and are addressing all known vulnerabilities. We have not identified any breach of customer or user data.”

More information is to be brought forth by Stack Overflow on this incident, as the investigation is still underway. It is not known how the attackers gained access to the production systems.

This is the second major security incident observed on online forums. Last year, another popular Q&A forum Quora was breached by attackers which affected over 100 million users.