In this digital savvy world, what could be the most daunting nightmare of a technophile? Cyber-crime, evidently! Yes, online privacy and data breaches can shoot nervous breakdown of a tech-geek. And the way to ride out this issue is efficient cyber security, for sure! The nexus of techniques and tools to protect computer networks, programs, and data from illegitimate access or attacks is termed as cyber security.

With an influx of prevailing disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and IoT, cyber security has attained yet another height of confidence in digital space. Rather than being a damage controller, it has become a prioritized commercial investment for a number of businesses. Organizations dealing in IT technologies in any form are enforcing artificial intelligence in the very security surface for enriched outcomes.

Observing the recent developments in AI, we can say that it can bring something great to the table. The technology has driven smart autonomous security systems which are able to learn themselves. Exploiting the flavors of machine learning and apt AI software, drawing the parallels alongside big data has become simpler. For a fact, AI algorithms are valuable for recognizing oddities from regular arrangements. The combination of cyber security and AI provides the path in creating a guideline of what is normal and what’s going wrong with the pattern. Other than this, AI with its supervised algorithms is capable of detecting threats on which they have been trained.

Advancements of such technologies in reference to global cyber security trends have played the role of market drivers as well.

Some of the major market players who have leveraged AI/ML for cyber defense are contributing significantly to the global plethora of cyber security. These tycoons are definitely setting the cyber security market stats to new bars. A recent report projects the cyber security market to be around $245 billion by 2023 globally.

In the next couple of years, the market size of cyber security is expected to show a positive acceleration in India as well. The country is amongst the fastest growing region for the cyber-companies and technologies which lures a hefty investment overall. India is undoubtedly well-geared in taking possible measures in securing networks across cyber space.

Widening the lenses, if we zoom into region-wise shielding for cyber-attacks, the US followed by Israel and Russia leads the strive for network security. The urge to survive in the rush of cyber-crimes has prepared these countries in the best way possible to discover and protect cyber threats. Canada, UK, Malaysia, China, France, Sweden, and Estonia are stationed next to them in curbing malware infections.

Cyber risk possesses a serious threat to a nation affecting the government, economic, organizational and citizen’s affair. Enterprises across the globe are emerging as countermeasure sheriffs for cyber-attacks. Understanding the certitude of network threats, cyber security is no longer a national affair, rather it has emerged out as an international concern where every commercial, non-commercial, governmental or non-governmental entity needs to adopt disruptive technologies to outperform profanity of malicious maneuver.